All Opposition

This is NOT the Official Durham WFC website, this is an Unofficial fan site for Durham WFC who play in the Barclays Women’s Championship
The Official Durham WFC links are here…
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Up to the end of 2022/2023 season (competitive games only)

Aston Villa W166462621+5
Birmingham W300314-3
Blackburn W10721208+12
Brighton W320173+4
Bristol City W822459-4
Cardiff W110051+4
Charlton W103341514-1
Chelsea W100101-1
Coventry Utd W97113311+22
Crystal Palace W117041910+9
Doncaster Belles9018421-17
Everton W12228826-18
Leeds W110060+6
Leicester W83231512+3
Lewes W9720193+16
Liverpool W9135820-12
London Bees151320387+31
London City Lionesses8611155+10
Manchester City W3003011-11
Manchester Utd W6132710-3
Millwall Lionesses117131714+3
Notts County W100113-2
Oxford W95222011+9
Peterborough Utd W110010+1
Portsmouth W100112-1
Reading W5005119-18
Sheffield FC W86021411+3
Sheffield Utd W124351715+2
Southampton W211010+1
Sunderland W92251115-4
Tottenham W42021110+1
Watford W11821328+24
West Ham W100103-3
Yeovil W6015212-10
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