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This is NOT the Official Durham WFC website, this is an Unofficial fan site for Durham WFC who play in the Barclays Women’s Championship
The Official Durham WFC links are here…
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Online Programmes
London Bees (H) 2017link
Brighton (H) 2017link
Oxford (H) 2017link
Sheffield FC (H) 2017link
Millwall Lionesses (H) 2017link
Liverpool (H) 2017/18link
Sunderland (H) 2017/18link
Watford (H) 2017/18link
Tottenham (H) 2017/18link
Lewes (A) 2018/19link
Charlton (H) 2019/20link
London City Lionesses (A) 2019/20link
Crystal Palace (H) 2019/20link
Lewes (A) 2020/21link
Liverpool (H) 2020/21link
London City Lionesses (H) 2020/21link
London City Lionesses (A) 2020/21link
Sheffield Utd (H) 2020/21link
Lewes (H) 2020/21link
Charlton (H) 2020/21link
Crystal Palace (H) 2020/21link
Leicester (H) 2020/21link
Blackburn (H) 2020/21link
Sunderland (A) 2021/22link
London City Lionesses (A) 2021/22link
Blackburn (A) 2021/22link
Lewes (A) 2021/22link
Man Utd (H) 2021/22link
Watford (H) 2021/22link
Sunderland (H) 2022/23link
London City Lionesses (A) 2022/23link
Lewes (H) 2022/23link
Sheffield Utd Conti Cup (H) 2022/23link
Crystal Palace (H) 2022/23link
Charlton (H) 2022/23link
Bristol City (H) 2022/23link
Blackburn (H) 2022/23link
Blackburn (A) 2022/23link
Bristol City (A) 2022/23link
Coventry (H) 2022/23link
Sheffield Utd (H) 2022/23link
Southampton (H) 2022/23link
Crystal Palace FA Cup (H) 2022/23link
Peterborough FA CUP (A) 2022/23link
London City Lionesses (H) 2022/23link
Birmingham (H) 2022/23link
Lewes (H) 2023/24link
London City Lionesses (H) 2023/24link
Reading (H) 2023/24link
Blackburn (H) 2023/24link
Sunderland (H) 2023/24link
Sheffield Utd (H) (Conti Cup) 2023/24link
Aston Villa (A) (Conti Cup) 2023/24link
Southampton (H) 2023/24link
Manchester City (H) (FA Cup) 2023/24link
Watford (H) 2023/24link
Sheffield Utd (H) 2023/24link
Birmingham (H) 2023/24link
Crystal Palace (H) 2023/24link

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